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From: Richard J Sabonis
Date: 15 May 2003
Subject: MS Research: Questions about Apriori and Market Basket Analysis

My name is Richard J Sabonis a graduate student at Governors State University in Illinois. I am writing a masterís thesis on data mining/market basket analysis, and was wondering if you could help me examine some concepts regarding market basket analysis more closely. Since there is not much research material available concerning this exciting field, I was hoping you could help me in my exploratory thesis by answering a few questions. Even if you answer one question it would be most appreciated. I thank you in advance regarding this matter.

1.) Using the Apriori algorithm, how can one find association rules that satisfy user-specified minimum support and minimum confidence constraints?

2.) How does hashing techniques speed up the market basket analysis process?

3.) Which technique (s) in the data mining/market basket analysis gives your firm a competitive advantage over your competitors?

4.) How important is a Knowledge Discovery Database (KDD) to your firm?

5.) Does a generalization of association rule mining (query flocks) play an important role in your market basket analysis?

Richard Sabonis (708) 371-3817 12557 Ann St. Blue Island Illinois flexor@att.net

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