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From: Richard Weber
Date: 26 May 2003
Subject: Chilean Business Intelligence Cup 2003

The Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Chile organizes a Business Intelligence Cup (BI Cup) as part of the 26th Systems Engineering Conference (Taller de Ingeniería de Sistemas: www.tis.cl).

Problem Description of the BI Cup:

A supermarket in the North of Chile has to predict the demand of its products on a daily level in order to optimize its supply chain. Participants in this competition should develop a model for time series prediction and apply it to data from the supermarket.

Description of the available data set:

For a certain product (1 kg of sugar) the time series with daily sales is known for a period of 13 months (1 of June 2000 to 31 of July 2001). The first 12 months from this time series are available to anybody interested in participating in this competition and can be downloaded from www.tis.cl/bicup

Participants should submit their solution as specified on the respective web page before the date mentioned below.

Important dates:
25 April 2003: Publication of the problem description and the related data
20 June 2003: Submission of solutions via e-mail to bi-2003@dii.uchile.cl
21 June 2003: Publication of results in www.tis.cl/bicup
15-17 July 2003: 26th Systems Engineering Conference
(Taller de Ingeniería de Sistemas) in Santiago de Chile
(www.tis.cl) with the presentation of the best solution submitted

Sponsored by: Scientific Nucleus Millennium on “Complex Engineering Systems” Chilean Chapter Neural Networks within IEEE.

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