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From: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Date: 25 May, 2003
Subject: Poll results: Data mining tools you regularly use

The past KDnuggets poll asked: What data mining tools you regularly use?

The results, based on 1252 votes from 628 responders show greater variety of tools used, compared to last year. SPSS, SAS and CART are still the most popular tools.

Although KDnuggets poll uses several mechanisms against double voting, it cannot be considered scientific, since people from some companies voted much more actively than others (some obvious duplicate vendor votes were removed). However, this poll does give a flavor of the diversity of existing tools.

Comparing with a similar 2002 data mining tools poll, we see some new entries that are popular, including free tools Prudsys Xelopes and R. Decline in apparent popularity of Weka could be due to those tools. People also use Excel as part of the data mining process, and about 15% of the responders write their own code. We also note a growing popularity of Microsoft SQL Server for data mining.

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