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Date: 22 May, 2003
Subject: DARPA reports to congress on TIA

The report DARPA was required to submit on TIA - Terrorist (formerly "Total") Information Awareness Program - has been submitted to the Congress and is available at http://www.darpa.mil/body/tia/tia_report_page.htm.

From DARPA report introduction:

Report to Congress Regarding the Terrorism Information Awareness Program

The DARPA Terrorism (formerly “Total”) Information Awareness program (TIA) is a research and development project. The program is integrating and testing information technology tools. DARPA affirms that TIA’s research and testing activities are only using data and information that is either (a) foreign intelligence and counter intelligence information legally obtained and usable by the Federal Government under existing law, or (b) wholly synthetic (artificial) data that has been generated, for research purposes only, to resemble and model real-world patterns of behavior.

See http://www.darpa.mil/body/tia/tia_report_page.htm

Now that the report has been submitted, we expect the public debate tp pick up.

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