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From: Hans Petersen
Date: 17 Jul 2003
Subject: San Diego, CA: Director of Modeling and Simulation at Meriture, Inc.

Position Overview/Description: Meriture, Inc is a startup bioinformatics firm focusing on in silico drug and vaccine development through predictive modeling, simulation and consulting services. We are currently building a small, top-notch team of scientists and managers representing knowledge discovery, bio-organic chemistry, molecular biology and computer science. You will be one of five individuals that will change the way drugs are discovered and tested worldwide. If you are a modeling/simulation genius interested in an early phase entrepreneurial position and a large equity stake in a rapidly growing field, please contact us. The Meriture startup office is 100 yards from the beach and boardwalk in Mission Beach, San Diego.

Job Description: The Director of Modeling and Simulation will lead the design and development of innovative solutions using statistical modeling, machine learning, simulation and AI techniques. Analytics will include feature (variable) selection, experimenting with different types of algorithms and modeling/simulation techniques.

Minimum Qualifications: Ph.D. in Statistics or Applied Mathematics. 5 years of experience in industry, developing innovative analytical applications. Demonstrated skill with statistical packages, scripting languages, databases and computer languages. Proficiency in SAS or SPSS. Emphasis on innovation and analytical consulting. Requires customer interaction, with exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

Contact: Hans Petersen at hans@meriture.com

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