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From: John Wavle
Date: 31 Jul 2003
Subject: NeuralWorks Predict again named a finalist in Scientific Computing Magazines Readers Choice Awards

NeuralWorks Predict again named a finalist in Scientific Computing Magazines Readers Choice Awards

July 27, 2003. CARNEGIE, PA-NeuralWare, the leading provider of neural network software for the development and deployment of innovative and intelligent business analytics solutions, is pleased to announce Predict 3 has been named a finalist in the Scientific Computing & Instrumentation" 2003 Readers' Choice Awards! The award was in the Neural Network/AI category. Additional information is available at www.scimag.com

NeuralWorks Predict is a unique integrated, state-of-the-art platform for rapidly creating and deploying prediction, classification and clustering models for business intelligence applications. Predict combines neural network technology with genetic algorithms, statistics, and fuzzy logic to automatically find optimal or near-optimal solutions for a wide range of problems. Predict incorporates years of modeling and analysis experience gained from working with customers faced with a wide variety of data mining, analysis and interpretation problems.

While retaining its power and flexibility to quickly construct robust neural networks without having in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology, Predict 3 represented a complete upgrade of its intuitive user interface. All command and parameter views follow a property page paradigm, with related features and functions collected in easily identified pages.

Also new in Predict 3 is a Kohonen Self Organizing Map (SOM) that allows development of sophisticated models that group data records sharing similar trends or patterns. Jack Copper, NeuralWares CEO, says the ability to cluster data patterns has opened Predict to a wide range of new applications. It also will improve existing applications by providing the ability to pre-process and group data patterns together prior to building specific prediction or classification models. We are excited about version 3 of Predict because it is the foundation for our next generation of advanced technology software.

NeuralWare's 2.41 version was named a finalist in the Readers Choice awards for 2002.

Additional information on Predict is available on the web at www.neuralware.com. A downloadable evaluation version is available on the website.

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