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From: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Date: 18 August, 2003
Subject: Usama Fayyad - recipient of ACM SIGKDD 2003 Service Award

ACM SIGKDD Service Award is the premiere community award in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery field, given to one individual or one group who has performed significant services to the field, including professional volunteer services in disseminating technical information to the field, education, research funding, etc.

Previous winners of SIGKDD Service Award were Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro (2000) and Ramasamy Uthurusamy (2002).

The winner of the SIGKDD 2003 Services Award is Usama Fayyad, President, DMX Group and Chairman, Revenue Science, Inc. The award carries with it a memorial plaque and a check for $2,500.

Dr. Fayyad is one of the pioneers in data mining research and one of the initiators of the KDD community as we know it today. In addition to his excellent research and development achievements in data mining and machine learning, he has actively served the KDD community since the days of the first KDD workshop at IJCAI-1989, and he plays a leading role in KDD community ever since.

Dr. Fayyad served as the program co-chair of KDD-94 workshop. He co-lead the effort to transition the workshops to International conference status and co-chaired the First International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in 1995. He later served as the general chair of KDD-96 and KDD-99 conferences.

In 1998 he was instrumental in creating ACM SIGKDD, ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, and was later elected to the board of Directors of SIGKDD.

He co-founded and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the scientific technical journal: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, which is the major journal in data mining. He also co-founded and serves as Editor-in-Chief of SIGKDD Explorations, the newsletter of SIGKDD. He serves on several Editorial Boards including the Communications of the ACM and Artificial Intelligence Magazine.

By these services, he has contributed significantly and distinctly to the formation and the healthy growth of KDD community.

Dr. Fayyad was one of the editors of book "Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining", which served for many data miners as a first introduction or a text book to the field. This book has been and is a major reference for many researchers and scholars. In addition, Dr. Fayyad also co-edited a leading book on information visualization in data mining.

Finally, Dr. Fayyad has been very influential in the success of the poster sessions at the KDD conference. It is becoming a tradition to allow poster authors to present their work in a two minutes quick presentation at the conference. Usama has been exceptionally good at chairing the poster sessions and making it fun to attend. It is so successful that it has been copied at many other conferences.

On behalf of SIGKDD 2003 Awards committee,

Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

SIGKDD 2003 Awards committee

  • Rakesh Agrawal (IBM)
  • Thomas Dietterich (Oregon State University)
  • Jerome Friedman (Stanford)
  • Jiawei Han (U. Illinois Urbana Champaign)
  • Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro (KDnuggets), Chair
  • Daryl Pregibon (AT&T)
  • Foster Provost (New York University)
  • Ramasamy Uthurusamy (General Motors Corp.)

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