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From: Connie Lester
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003
Subject: New Exploratory Data Analytic Modeling course coming to San Francisco, Sep 10!

Dorian Pyle, author of Data Preparation for Data Mining and Business Modeling and Data Mining, has teamed with SAS to offer this course entitled Exploratory Data Analytic Modeling. Pyle is a recognized authority on capturing business value from data using analytics techniques. As a consultant and instructor, he has helped numerous companies generate high revenue and reduce costs.


In this three-day course, you will learn new techniques for using JMP and new ways of using JMP to explore and characterize business data, expanding its utility as a key business analytics tool. Upon completing this course, you will be able to expand your use of JMP into a whole new range of business analysis, taking away effective new skills for exploring business data and for discovering new and potentially valuable business actionable insights.

This course will show you how JMP can be used to effectively analyze and gain insights into larger datasets consisting of up to hundreds of variables and many thousands of records. Learn how and why JMP can be used as your tool of first resort in analyzing data!

Register now for the September 10th course in San Francisco! www.sas.com/apps/wtraining2/coursedetails.jsp?course_code=bkeda&ctry=us

View the complete brochure at http://support.sas.com/training/bks/bkeda.pdf

For a complete listing of all Business Knowledge Series Program courses visit http://support.sas.com/training/bks/ or contact us via e-mail at training@sas.com .

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