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Sane Solutions to Integrate NetTracker Online Behavior Data with SalesLogix

Sales forces armed with clickstream intelligence can decrease sales cycles and target prospects based on their online interests

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI and SCOTTSDALE, AZ - August 19, 2003 - Sane Solutions, developers of the NetTracker(R) line of Web analytics software, and Best Software today announced that Sane has joined the SalesLogix Technology Partner program to add NetTracker online behavior intelligence to SalesLogix. Sales forces using SalesLogix will now have the ability to view their sales contacts' online behavior, loaded from the NetTracker Web data warehouse, within the SalesLogix user interface for enhanced customer intelligence.

Online behavior data arms SalesLogix users with the knowledge of which pages, products, and content prospects have most recently and most frequently viewed on their Web site. "With this kind of insight, sales professionals know not only the best times to call, but the right products to offer based on their prospect's Web behavior," said Chris Reich, director of SalesLogix product management, Best Software. "The result of this kind of intelligence is more effective sales."

For more information, visit http://www.sane.com or http://www.saleslogix.com.

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