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TEMIS acquires Xerox linguistic product operations

PARIS - September 2nd, 2003 - TEMIS today announced that it has acquired Xerox Corporation's linguistic product operations, confirming its position as the European leader in Text Mining. Xerox linguistic products include XeLDA® and XTS software. Both products are based on innovative technologies from the Xerox Research Centre Europe in France.

XeLDA® 2.3 is a multilingual linguistic engine used for a number of applications in the domain of content management such as information search and extraction, machine translation or multilingual document management. XTS 2.5 is a terminology suite to build and manage corporate terminology, controlled authoring and multilingual comprehension aids.

TEMIS had previously entered an OEM partnership with Xerox in 2000 to integrate XeLDA® within its product Insight Discoverer Extractor™. The XeLDA® morpho-syntactic analyzer, a fundamental linguistic processing tool, had already been identified as the best platform on the market for TEMIS applications.

TEMIS (TExt MIning Solutions) now employs a total of 30 people distributed over 4 sites in Paris, Heidelberg (Germany), Modena (Italy) and now Grenoble (France).

For more information, visit http://www.temis-group.com/

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