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From: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Date: 2-Sep 2003
Subject: KDD Cup 2003 Winners

KDD Cup 2003 focused on problems motivated by network mining and the analysis of usage logs. Complex networks have emerged as a central theme in data mining applications, appearing in domains that range from communication networks and the Web, to biological interaction networks, to social networks and homeland security.

This KDD Cup is based on a very large archive of research papers in physics, which contains both full text of research papers, and explicit citation structure and (partial) data on the downloading of papers by users.

Full results and details at KDD Cup 2003 homepage. The presentations of the winners will be published in SIGKDD Explorations.

Task 1

The first task involves predicting the future; contestants predict how many citations each paper will receive during the three months leading up to the KDD 2003 conference.


  • Winner: J N Manjunatha, Raghavendra Pandey, Sivaramakrishnan R., and M Narasimha Murty (1329)
  • Second place: Claudia Perlich, Foster Provost, and Sofus Macskassy (1360)
  • Third place: David Vogel (1398)

Task 2

For the second task, contestants must build a citation graph of a large subset of the archive from only the LaTex sources.


  • Winner: David Vogel (421,582)
  • Second place: Sunita Sarawagi, Kapil M. Bhudhia, Sumana Srinivasan, and V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran (516,242)
  • Third place: Martine Cadot and Joseph di Martino (538,013)

Task 3 results

In the third task, each paper's popularity will be estimated based on partial download logs.

  • Winner: Janez Brank and Jure Leskovec (21,232)
  • Second place: Joseph Milana, Joseph Sirosh, Joel Carleton, Gabriela Surpi, Daragh Hartnett, and Michinari Momma (21,950.6)
  • Third place: Kohsuke Konishi (23,759)

Task 4 results

The last task is open! Given the large amount of data, contestants can devise their own questions and the most interesting result is the winner.


  • Winner: Amy McGovern, Lisa Friedland, Michael Hay, Brian Gallagher, Andrew Fast, Jennifer Neville, and David Jensen. "Exploiting Relational Structure to Understand Publication Patterns in High-Energy Physics"
  • Second place: Shou-de Lin and Hans Chalupsky. "Using Unsupervised Link Discovery Methods to Find Interesting Facts and Connections in a Bibliography Dataset"
  • Third place: Shawndra Hill and Foster Provost "The Myth of the Double-Blind Review"
For full results, visit KDD Cup 2003 homepage.

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