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From: Lye, Diane
Date: 22 Aug 2003
Subject: Seattle, WA: Statistician/Data Miner at Amazon.com

The Amazon.com Data Mining team is seeking a statistician for advanced analysis of web data. This position requires the ability to understand and creatively solve problems that span business, technology, and statistics. The successful candidate will have access to the world's largest e-commerce database for extensive analysis and modeling in support of business-critical decisions.

The position requires

  • a master's degree or Ph.D. in statistics, biostatistics or econometrics;
  • 5+ years experience applying statistical methods in a business environment;
  • a proven track record of statistical leadership on multiple concurrent projects;
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • detail orientation;
  • strong individual initiative and adaptability to change;
  • proficiency using SAS and other statistical software.
The position also requires experience working with very large data sets and multifactorial experimental designs, including one or more of the following techniques: survival analysis, classification and regression trees, and nonlinear multivariate regression modeling. Experience in any of the following is highly desirable: Linux, data visualization, SQL, computer programming. The ability to converse in Japanese, German, and/or French would be a plus.

Contact: Diane Lye at dlye@amazon.com

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