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Data Mining in CRM and Churn Reduction in India

Cell Players Net Big Gains In Customer Management


MUMBAI: While the Internet goes a long way in giving invaluable data and information to the cellular operator, the user also stands to benefit a great deal. Bharti Cellular has used it to the consumer’s advantage by putting in place a “Telecom Audit Tool,” especially for its corporate clientele, to reduce their communication costs.

According to the company's COO (Mumbai), Atul Jhamb, this helps greatly in analysing and slicing usage patterns. “We, for instance, tell corporates what their usage has been with respect to local, national and international calls apart from expenses on SMS and roaming,” Mr Jhamb explains. The objective, he adds, is to superimpose the landline costs to justify that it makes sense for the customer to use cellular services instead.

Churn management is all about retaining the customer and ensuring that he contributes adequately to the company's revenues. How can the Internet make this possible? “We have analysts who tell us specifically how many of those who have churned have called and how many have not,” says Mr Jhamb. In addition to this, regression models are prepared which are useful as the basis on which churn can be predicted. None of this is remotely possible without the Internet. “Thanks to it, nothing is fuzzy and everything is scientific. It must be understood that the Internet is most critical since everything else is only the frontend,” Mr Jhamb explains.

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