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From: Gabriele Bartolini
Date: 16 Sep 2003
Subject: Join an open-source Web usage mining project

it is my intention to start the development of an open-source Web usage mining suite of tools able to discover knowledge from Web usage data, mainly coming from Web servers. The objective is to build both a transactional source and a warehouse of this kind of data, identifying - in particular - unique visitors, sessions and, through transactions, association rules and sequential patterns.

The idea is to build a system that uses open-source databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL, but highly scalable, allowing users to switch to other databases by implementing specific modules. The main architecture will be Linux and POSIX system and the development language chosen is C++.

If some of you is interested in this project, either through direct development or through any sort of sponsorship, please get in touch with me at this address: Gabriele Bartolini angusgb@users.sourceforge.net .

Thank you


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