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From: Zemankova, Maria
Date: 25 Sep 2003
Subject: NSF Updates: Revised version of the Grant Proposal Guide; proposal submission deadline changes; reorganization

1. New NSF Grant Proposal Guide

A revised version of the NSF Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) (NSF 04-2) is available at: http://www.nsf.gov/pubsys/ods/getpub.cfm?gpg .

The new GPG will be effective for proposals submitted on or after October 1, 2003. This document supercedes all prior versions of the GPG.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact the NSF Policy Office at 703-292-8243 or by e-mail to policy@nsf.gov.

2. Proposal submission deadline change

The Information and Data Management Program, as well as other programs in the Information and Intelligent Systems Division (http://www.cise.nsf.gov/iis) are changing the two annual deadlines of November 16 and March 1 (per NSF 01-156), to ONE proposal submission deadline.

Regretfully, we do not know when that deadline is going to be, as most of the new program announcements are awaiting the final approval. Since a program announcement must be posted 3 months prior to the deadline, so if the announcements are approved today, the deadline would be on December 25, i.e., the Christmas Day. Given that most academic institutions are closed for the Holidays, it is more likely that the proposal submission deadline will be sometime in early January.

Please keep checking the IIS Web site for new developments, and/or subscribe to the NSF Custom News Service at: http://www.nsf.gov/home/cns/start.htm .

3. Program Changes in IIS

Provided all program announcements and the ongoing Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate reorganization are approved, these will be the new programs in the IIS Division after October 1, 2003:

Program DeadlineProgram Director
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science 12/19/03 Edwina Rissland
Computational Neuroscience TBA Kenneth Whang, others
Computer Vision 12/19/03 Junku Yuh
Digital Government TBA Larry Brandt, Valerie Gregg
Digital Society and Technologies TBA Ephraim Glinert
Human-Computer Interaction TBA Ephraim Glinert, acting
Human Language and Communication TBA Mary Harper, Karen Kukich
Information and Data Management TBA Maria Zemankova
Robotics 12/19/03 Junku Yuh
Science and Engineering Informatics TBA Jim French, Sylvia Spengler
Special Projects (Digital Libraries) TBA Steve Griffin
Universal Access TBA Ephraim Glinert
Data and Applications Security --- Bhavani Thuraisingham

This program is incorporated in a forthcoming CISE-wide CyberTrust theme, and Bhavani will handle the IIS-related proposals. Database/information/knowledge security and privacy proposals may also be submitted to the Information and Data Management Program.

Bhavani Thuraisingham will also manage Information Technology Research (http://www.itr.nsf.gov/) proposals within the scope of the Information and Data Management Program.

Please note that the IIS programs with posted proposal deadlines will coordinate the review of proposals with programs that will have later deadlines.

Please follow the CISE reorganization developments via CISE News at http://www.cise.nsf.gov/news/index.cfm

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