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From: Ken Keiser
Date: 8 Oct 2003
Subject: Public Release of ADaM 4.0, Algorithm Development and Mining toolkit

The Information Technology and Systems Center (ITSC) at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) announces the public release of the Algorithm Development and Mining (ADaM) version 4.0 toolkit. ITSC conducts multidisciplinary research in many facets of information technology at the state, regional, national and international levels.

ADaM 4.0 represents a significant restructuring of the ADaM system to focus on providing data mining and image processing toolkits in a form that is flexible and reusable for scientific researchers, educators and students.

These new toolkits are comprised of separate executable modules. These modules support the easy construction of complex solutions with common scripting languages such as Python, Perl, shell scripts and other workflows. ADaM 4.0 components are easily integrated with CGI and web service interfaces to support distributed applications. The modular design achieves interoperability with other mining and image processing systems.

ADaM 4.0 is already being utilized in Earth and space science research projects, as well as in distributed computational and data Grid systems.

The ADaM 4.0 software, documentation and additional information are available on the web at http://datamining.itsc.uah.edu/adam for both Linux and Windows platforms. The software is freely available for education and research purposes.

Information Technology and Systems Center
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL

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