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IBM releases visual editor for data mining

The data mining functionality of DB2 is now available for the first time in a development environment for software developers. WebSphere Studio Plug-in for DB2 Intelligent Miner can be used as a graphical front end for DB2 Intelligent Miner Scoring/Modeling, which allows users to add data-mining functionality to their applications. The technology is an intuitive tool that allows application developers to use the data-mining functionality of Intelligent Miner in their projects without having to learn Intelligent Miner's complex SQL API, hence making data mining accessible to software developers.

The plug-in adds some data-mining functionality to WSAD such as:

  • a view allowing management (import, export, rename, delete, visualize) of the data-mining models stored in the database
  • a visual editor allowing the drawing of the flow of a data-mining process intuitively.
Here is the full story.

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