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Siebel kicks off 7.7 with analytics

Siebel Analytics 7.7, the first group of applications to be rolled out as part of the new version, includes an enterprise business intelligence platform, a strategic global partnership with IBM and new customer analytic applications. The product was unveiled at the company's User Week conference, which started Tuesday and ends today.

Siebel has already partnered with IBM to create and sell a new hosted CRM offering, Siebel CRM OnDemand. Through the analytics partnership, the two will collaborate on industry-specific solutions and on an integrated platform that includes IBM's WebSphere, DB2 and AIX, as well as the company's OnDemand computing model. Industry-specific BI solutions are currently available for retail banking, insurance and consumer packaged goods.

The applications include a new family of customer analytic capabilities that enable intelligent customer interaction enriched with third-party data to provide information such as churn prediction and other predictive properties, said Larry Barbetta, group vice president and general manager of Siebel analytics.

A particular point of pride at User Week was the guided analytics. The application will guide users unsure of how to find the right information to the proper data.

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