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From: Ronny Kohavi
Date: 3 Dec 2003
Subject: Seattle, WA: Software Development Engineers at Amazon.com

Amazon.com is hiring for multiple software development engineers in data mining and personalization. Utilize the world's largest e-commerce data warehouse to improve the customer experience!

Multiple positions are available in the following teams

  • Targeted e-mail, which includes automatically generating campaigns and optimally targeting them
  • Content selection and optimization, which includes optimizing content on the web site (e.g., the www.amazon.com gateway)
  • Automated advertising, which includes optimizing ads on third party sites
  • Personalization, both for unrecognized (people who bought X bought Y) and recognized customers (based on history)
  • Data mining for analyzing customer behavior, including extract-transform-load processes, model building, and visualization
We are looking for engineers interested in either front-end work (user interfaces for building web sites) or backend (e.g., algorithms, scaling up, parallelization) or both.

The positions require strong programming skills (e.g., C/C++/Java/Perl), creative thinking, and a desire to work in a fast-moving environment where ideas are deployed and tested often. All candidates must have a strong computer science background.

Send your resume to jmadsen@amazon.com and CC: ronnyk@cs.stanford.edu .

Please include KDNuggets in the subject line and specify your preference to the above positions and front/back-end/both in the body.

Ronny Kohavi, Director of Data Mining and Personalization, Amazon.com

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