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From: Steve Everk
Date: 28 Apr 2004
Subject: Request for DART indexing/compression system evaluation for data mining

Archi-Tech Systems Inc. (ATSI) (www.archi-tech.com), is an 11-year old company that provides data solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Its flagship product, DART, leverages an indexing/compression technology with remarkable results. Used in pharma sales/marketing applications, it is literally "a warehouse on a CD" -- with retrieval times measured in seconds across millions of rows of data. A typical DART application will have 100+ indexed fields and several million records. The only user SW required is Windows; and data can be exported into any format, for feeding into analytical tools.

We would like to have DART assessed for general applicability, re: data mining applications. If anyone is interested, please have them contact Steve Everk, VP Operations, at 609-882-2447 x42, or email severk@archi-tech.com.

Thanks in advance.

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