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From: Connie Lester
Date: 30 Aug 2004
Subject: SAS introduces new Data Mining Techniques course, debuting Sep 29, New York

Michael J. A. Berry and Gordon S. Linoff, Co-founders and Principal Consultants, Data Miners, Inc., have teamed with SAS to offer a new Business Knowledge Series course:

Data Mining Techniques: Theory and Practice.

The course is based on their newly revised and expanded book Data Mining Techniques for Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship Management. This three day course introduces a wide range of data mining algorithms and provides both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. support.sas.com/courses/bdmt.html

Register now for the September 29th course debuting in New York!

For a complete listing of all Business Knowledge Series Program courses visit support.sas.com/training/bks/ or contact us via e-mail at training@sas.com.

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