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From: Thorsten Joachims
Date: 4 Sep 2004
Subject: SVM-Light Versions for Learning Grammars, Sequence Alignments, and Multi-class Rules

a new version of SVM-Light (V6.01) is available, as well as extensions to SVM-Light for learning structured and interdependent models like

  • weighted context-free grammars
  • sequence alignments models
  • multi-class classification rules
The extensions are based on the algorithm described in the paper


The source code of the extensions can be downloaded from


Furthermore, a new version of SVM-Light is available now. The new features of this version are the following:

  • Allows restarts from given dual variables for incremental learning.
  • Allows the use of kernels for learning ranking functions.
  • Support for non-vectorial data like strings.
  • Improved robustness and convergence especially for regression and ranking.
  • Time out for exceeding number of iterations without progress.
  • Cleaned up code, which makes it easier to integrate into other programs.
  • Interface to SVM-Struct.
The new version is available at


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