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BayesiaLab 3.2 and Bayesia Market Simulator 1.1: an innovative set of solutions for data mining and marketing

With its 3.2 version, BayesiaLab becomes an even more effective data mining tool that will allow you to discover easily all the useful knowledge buried in your data bases.

Bayesia has also recently released a market simulator to help you specify your new products. Based on a Bayesian network that models the choice of the individuals with respect to their characteristics and those of the products, Bayesia Market Simulator (BMS 1.1) effectively computes the market shares corresponding to your new products.

Visit www.bayesia.com and find out a more detailed description of the new features of our offer, the 18 good reasons to use our technologies, a BayesiaLab's evaluation version, a dynamic presentation and some applications examples.

Lionel Jouffe


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