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Texaco Ltd cuts internal fraud with with Innovetra Fraud Alerter

Innovetra, a specialist developer of business intelligence tools for the retail sector, has supplied Texaco Ltd with software and working methods to help reduce shrinkage. Innovetra’s Managed Loss Prevention, a comprehensive approach to tackling internal fraud combining powerful software with structured working methods, has been implemented at Texaco service stations in the UK. It is being used by a team of loss prevention auditors responsible for all company owned sites across England and Wales. The company has now seen a measurable reduction in shrinkage largely attributable to Managed Loss Prevention and Fraud Alerter, and has achieved Return on Investment in four months.

Fraud Alerter automatically analyses and mines all transactions from all the sites every night. The findings of the system are accessed directly by the Loss Prevention Auditors in the field, with no need for help from specialised analysts. Managed Loss Prevention provides a structured method of using this information and ensures that investigations are targeted and effective.

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