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From: Ravi Mallela
Date: 17 Apr 2005
Subject: Equbits Foresight 2.1: fully automated SVM predictive modeling

SVM's are rapidly becoming a valuable technique in the data miner's set of methods. Unfortunately, most data mining applications only possess rudimentary implementations of SVM's, requiring expert knowledge to generate the best SVM models.

Equbits is pleased to announce the release of Equbits Foresight 2.1, a fully automated SVM based predictive modeling software application. Equbits Foresight is a fully automated, easy-to-use, competitively priced desktop application built on patent pending SVM technology that provides high predictive accuracy and intuitive interpretability in a single product. Foresight can be used as a standalone application or integrated into commercially available software via a Software Developer's Kit (SDK).

Click here to download our case study that shows how Equbits Foresight SVM yielded significantly superior results when compared with SAS Enterprise Miner (Logistic Regression, Neural Nets, Trees).

To learn more about predictive modeling and how we apply SVM, please go to our website: www.equbits.com.

Please check out our special offer for current SAS Enterprise Miner users. To download a free copy of Equbits Foresight, please complete the form located on our website: www.equbits.com/request.

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