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KDnuggetsTM News 05:10, May 17, 2005

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  1. Poll results: Data Mining Textbooks
  2. New Poll: Data Mining Tools You Used in 2005?
  3. Measuring Quality of Data Mining Limericks
  4. ILP-05 challenge on prediction of functional classes of genes
  5. SIGKDD Elections, deadline June 15, 2005
  6. Save $200 on Text Mining Summit 2005, June 7-8, Boston! www.textminingnews.com
  7. 2005 University of California data mining contest, deadline June 30.
  1. Webcast, May 24, 9am PST: Will automated predictive modeling be your competitive edge?
  2. Bayesian Networks & Graphical Models Summer School - June 6-8, 2005
  3. Data Mining: Levels I, II & III [ Wash DC: June | San Diego: Sept]
  4. Online course: Text Mining, June 24 - July 22.
  5. UCLA Summer School: Intelligent Extraction of Information from Graphs and High-D Data, Jul 11-29
  1. Rochester, NY: Adaptive Systems Specialist at XEROX
  2. Rochester, NY: Content Management, Data Mining Leader at XEROX
  3. Atlanta, GA: Marketing/Database Analyst at Cox Communication
  4. Seattle, WA: Risk Analyst - Fraud Prevention at Amazon.com
  5. East Hartford, CT: Experienced Data Mining Professionals at Full Capture Solutions, Inc.
  6. Seattle, WA: Statistician - Data Warehousing at Amazon.com
  7. Bellevue, WA: Data Mining Research Analyst at Boeing, Phantom Works (PW)
  8. Novato, CA: Claims Business Analyst at Fireman's Fund Insurance Company
  9. Salt Lake City, UT: Software engineers with experience in statistics/data mining at Overstock.com
  10. Redmond, Washington, USA: Software Developer in Data Mining at Microsoft
  1. Oracle Database 10g with Oracle Data Mining - Free Self Study Tutorial
  2. New XELOPES Version 1.3.1 available
  1. New Book: Clustering for Data Mining: A Data Recovery Approach
  2. Jim Gray and Mark Compton on Databases and Advent of Data Mining
  3. Hard Hats for Data Miners: Myths and Pitfalls of Data Mining
  1. Using Data Mining techniques for Call Centers
  1. Mining for information: Huge Memory System
  2. A New Drug Safety Database for Pharma, FDA
  3. New Method Predicts Monster Waves
  4. PRESS RELEASE: BioComp Systems Releases Industrial Process Modeling Software
  5. Jerome H. Friedman elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  6. DIAGNOS will analyze 3D data from Mines Cancor Inc.
  7. OLAP Market Share Analysis
  8. Picture this - automatic image categorisation
  9. Starlight 3.0 - Visualization of potential terrorist networks
  10. Insightful awarded contract by US Air Force and NIH
  11. GeneGo Licenses Datamining and Pathway Analysis Platform to TGen
  1. UAI-05, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 26-29
  1. ECML/PKDD-2005, due 23 May (extended)
    Quality Measures in Data Mining, due 1 Jun
    The British AI-2005 Conference, due 6 Jun
    Concept Lattices and Their Applications, due 6 Jun
    KDD-05 Workshop: WebKDD 2005, due 6 Jun
    KDD-05 Workshop: Link Discovery, due 10 Jun
    KDD-05 Workshop: Multi-Relational Data Mining, due 10 Jun
    KDD-05 Workshop: Data Mining for Anomaly Detection, due 10 Jun
    Security Symposium at ASU, due 11 Jun
    ICDM'05, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, due 15 Jun
    CRM Workshop: Data Mining Meets Marketing, due 20 Jun
    Applications of Machine Learning in Medicine and Biology session, due 20 Jun
    Hybrid Intelligent Systems, due 1 Jul
There once was a data miner
Who was quite the model designer
He used Naive Bayes with gumption
And even with the independence assumption
Managed to predict an attriter!

Adam Lynton, Australia, Winner of Data Mining Limerick contest.

KDnuggets : News : 2005 : n10

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