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KDnuggetsTM News 05:n16, Aug 30, 2005

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  1. Poll Results: Importance of Data Mining
  2. New Poll: Types of data you analyzed/mined in last 12 months
  3. KDD-2005 Highlights
  1. DATA MINING: Levels I, II & III [ San Diego: Sept | Las Vegas: Dec | Orlando: Jan ]
  2. Data Mining Techniques course
  3. Industry expert C. Olivia Parr Rud delivers Data Mining Course
  4. Tools for Discovering Patterns in Data, Charlottesville, VA, Sep 19-20
  5. Save $200 on M2005: SAS annual Data Mining Conference - register by Sep 12
  1. Los Angeles, CA or New Delhi, India: Data Mining Software Scientist at Syncata, a ProQuest Company
  2. Redmond, WA: Market Intelligence Analyst at Microsoft-MSN
  3. Hoffman Estates, IL: DATA MINING MANAGER at Career Education Corporation
  4. Wilmington, DE: Informatics Scientist at Astra Zeneca
  5. Duluth, GA or Waltham, MA: Marketing Optimization Specialist at Click Tactics
  6. San Jose, CA: Statistician at eBay
  7. San Jose, CA: Manager, Risk Analytics at eBay
  8. San Francisco, CA: Director, Marketing Analytics (Req 9352) at Providian
  9. San Francisco, CA: Director, Marketing - MIS Acquisitions (Req 9350) at Providian
  10. San Francisco, CA: Director, Marketing Information Services (Req 9358) at Providian
  11. McLean, VA: 01029286 -- Data Mining Specialist, Senior at Booz Allen Hamilton
  12. Seattle, WA: Senior Statistician / Data Mining Analyst at a private, rapidly growing company
  13. Germany or other major location in EMEA: Senior Analytical Consultant at Teradata
  14. Seattle, WA: Director of Software Development, Discovery Platform Core Services at Amazon.com
  1. SAS raises bar on data mining and text mining; improves predictive analytics
  2. GATree (Decision Trees via Genetic Algorithms)
  3. Time-Oriented Language (TOL) Software
  1. Post-doc Research Fellow in Computational Biology at USC, Los Angeles, CA
  1. Unified Business Intelligence: UIMA - Is IBM Hearing Voices?
  2. New book: Text Mining and its Applications to Intelligence, CRM and KM
  1. Surveillance to detect abnormal behaviour on public transport
  2. IDC ranks Fair Isaac as the market share leader in analytic applications
  3. In The Datasphere, No Word Goes Unheard
  4. KANA Apps for Analyzing Unstructured Content Support UIMA Framework from IBM
  5. Pentagon Data Mining reportedly identified Four 9/11 hijackers back in 2000
  6. The 451 Group: Text Analysis May Become Key Battleground among Innovative Software Companies
  7. NCSA researchers compare Yahoo and Google index sizes
  8. UAB hopes data-mining project will improve hospital care
  9. In Silicon Valley, a Debate Over the Size of the Web
  10. CMU Spatiotemporal data mining against food poisoning, bioterrorism
  11. Automated mining of Deep Web
  12. A wasted opportunity in war on terror ?
  13. MEDai Predictive Modeling Technology Excels in UC Data Mining Competition
  14. GAO Report on Data Mining
  1. ECML/PKDD-2005, Early registration deadline Sep 3
  2. Salford Data Mining Conference Program, 29-31 March 2006, San Diego
  1. Knowledge Acquisition from Distributed, Heterogeneous Sources, due Sep 7
    Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization spec. issue, due Sep 15
    VIEW'2006, due Sep 15
    IPMU 2006: Information Processing and Management Of Uncertainty, due Oct 15
    FLAIRS 2006, due Nov 21
    Canadian Semantic Web Working Symposium, due Jan 1
    Temporal Data Mining Spec. Issue, due Jan 25
Similar network laws can describe systems as diverse as the cell, the World Wide Web, and the society, and the emergence of most networks is driven by self-organizing processes that are governed by simple but generic laws. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, KDD-2005 Invited Talk.

KDnuggets : News : 2005 : n16

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