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From: Deanna Gouros
Date: 23 Sep 2005
Subject: London and Yorkshire, UK: Data analysis and fraud detection algorithm development at Alaric Systems

A privately held company, Alaric Systems Ltd is a leading supplier of modern technology software products for the card payments market. Its product portfolio includes Authentic (for card payments authorisation and EFT switching), Message Mapper (for high performance payment message transformation and payment systems integration), Sabre (for enhancement of legacy authorisation systems to include rules based, real time fraud prevention capability) and Fractals (for intelligent card fraud detection).

Alaric has offices in London and Yorkshire, employs some 50 staff and is expanding rapidly.

Alaric is currently looking for a highly creative person to work in its Fractals team, based in London. The role will involve data mining extensive databases of card transactions in order to identify/synthesize statistical card fraud detection algorithms.

The ideal candidate will have some (but not necessarily all) of the following:

  • an excellent degree in Mathematics or Statistics
  • a postgraduate qualification involving one or more of data mining, probability theory and neural network modelling
  • exposure to fraud detection problems or classification problems in similar domains with highly skewed datasets
  • programming experience - Alaric's products are written in Java and use ORACLE and DB/2 - exposure to these technologies would be a helpful although not essential prerequisite.
Candidates must be already authorized to work in the EU.

Salary is flexible dependent on upon the strength and level of experience of the candidate.

You can apply for this position by sending your CV to Deanna Gouros

By email: dgouros@alaric.co.uk

By mail:
Alaric Systems Ltd
108 Linton House
164-180 Union Street London SE1 0LH

By fax to: +44 207 401 7455

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