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ASA Corp News - Russian Bank Integrates ASA's Fraud Detection Solution


Russian Bank Integrates ASA's Fraud Detection Solution Into Capstone® Decision Manager to Improve Fraud Prevention

PITTSBURGH, PA Sept 13, 2005 --- Renaissance Capital is the leading independent investment bank operating in the Russian financial market. Founded in 1995, the company has raised over US $12 billion for Russian companies. A relatively new business unit, the Consumer Finance business launched its first lending product in March 2004. The bank is currently providing consumer credit services to the largest retailers in Russia and has developed credit cards, auto loans, and general purpose loan products distributed directly and through partnerships. Renaissance Capital currently offers its financial solution in more than 27 cities across Russia focusing on marketing, risk, and service delivery.

ASA worked closely with Bank Renaissance Capital to understand the complete application review process and previous fraud activity. The ASA team conducted a series of reviews to understand the data and recommend the optimum structure for predictive modeling. Using the Bank's historical data and ASA's ScorXPRESS® predictive modeling fraud solution, ASA developed a solid fraud predictive model. ASA also developed simple, straight-forward integration plans that allowed Bank Renaissance Capital to complete the integration and testing in just a few days using their own staff.

For more information visit www.asacorp.com.

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