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From: Thomas G. Dietterich
Date: 7 Nov 2005
Subject: Int. Conference on Machine Learning 2007 - Call For Site Proposals

Proposals should address the following issues:

1. Proposed Dates. The conference should be scheduled for four days (one day reserved for workshops and tutorials; three days for paper sessions, poster sessions, and invited talks). The conference prefers dates in the range from June 15 to July 15, but other dates will be considered, particularly if they permit co-location with other conferences.

2. Locale Parameters.

  • Accessibility. Is it easy and inexpensive for people (especially graduate students) to travel to the conference site? (Compute mean airfares from Europe, North America, and Asia. Include ground transportation from relevant airports to the site.)
  • Meeting Rooms, AV Equiment, etc. What are the physical facilities like? Consider rooms for plenary sessions, parallel sessions, workshops, tutorials, and poster sessions. What are the charges, if any, for using them?
  • Meals and Lodging. Is there low-cost, quality housing available for attendees (especially graduate students)? How far from the meeting rooms? Where will attendees eat? Please estimate costs for meals and lodging.
  • Demo facilities. Will there be computing equipment and space available to support demos?
  • Internet access. Is wired or wireless internet access available? At what cost?
  • Other features. You may mention any other aspects of the site or the region that are relevant.
3. Local Machine Learning Community. Is there a local ML group/community that can help with organization and funding?

4. Opportunities to co-locate with other conferences. In the past, we have co-located with COLT, UAI, and KDD. There is strong interest in co-locating with these conferences and also with other conferences including ISMB (Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology), EMNLP (Empirical Methoers in Natural Language Processing), CoNLL (Conference on Natural Language Learning), IUI (Intelligent User Interfaces), and CVPR (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition).

5. Organizational and Institutional Support. Is there a conference office that can help with local arrangements?

Proposals (postscript or PDF) should be sent before December 15, 2005 to

Tom Dietterich, President IMLS tgd@cs.orst.edu

Proposals will be ranked according to cost and accessibility, proposed dates, opportunities for co-location, attractiveness of the location, and experience of the host group. Preference will be given to locations in western North America and Asia. However, proposals from other regions will be considered, especially if they offer good opportunities for co-location with other relevant conferences.

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