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KDnuggetsTM News 06:n04, Feb 28, 2006

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  1. Poll results: Is privacy more important than child protection?
  2. New Poll: Data Miners Income/Status by Region
  3. Machine Learning (Brain data) Competition: $10,000 first prize
  4. Free Access to Data Mining Research, Case Studies, and Articles
  5. An Appreciation of Leo Breiman (1928-2005)
  1. Salford Systems Releases TreeNet(tm) 2.0, No Cost 30-day Download Available
  2. Oracle Data Mining (ODM) - Free self-study tutorial
  1. InforSense Webcast, Mar 2: Turning Information Assets into Actionable Insights
  2. SPSS Data Mining and Predictive Modeling workshops
  3. Industry expert Olivia Rud delivers Data Mining Cookbook
  4. SAS debuts new Multilevel Modeling course
  1. Schaumburg, IL: Sr. Statistical Analyst at Experian
  2. Rockville, MD: Specialist, KDD at NASD
  3. Princeton, NJ: Research Scientist at Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.
  4. USA: Sales (related to data mining and AI) at Raptor International, Inc
  5. New York, NY: Quant/Statistical position to assist Sr. Trader/Researcher at New York City hedge fund
  6. Nationwide: Marketing and Sales Analytics - SAS - All levels at Analytic Recruiting
  7. Philadelphia suburban, PA: Research Scientist at NCO Group, Inc.
  8. Palo Alto, CA: Research scientist at Hewlett Packard Research Labs
  9. Hartford, CT: Research and Modeling Opportunities at St. Paul Travelers
  10. Kirkland, WA: Senior Scientist - Machine Learning, Data-Mining And Statistics at Inrix
  1. Research internship at HP Labs on data mining and personalization
  1. New Book: Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, 2nd Ed., by Han & Kamber
  2. New Book: Machine Learning and Data Mining for Computer Security
  3. US plans massive data sweep
  4. ICDM-05 (IEEE International Conf. on Data Mining) report
  5. Enhancing Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise Through Location Intelligence
  6. Taking Spying to Higher Level, Agencies Look for More Ways to Mine Data
  7. Tilmann Bruckhaus on the "The Accuracy Paradox"
  1. Science Puts Enron E-Mail to Use
  2. Analytics a slam-dunk for Celtics
  3. Insightful announces Insightful Miner Trial CD
  4. Insightful to develop advanced bioinformatics software for cancer prevention research
  5. New Anthracite 1.4 Release Gives Mac Intel Users SOAP and XPath Power
  6. Anderson Analytics, Data Mining for Diamonds
  7. Majestic Research finds favor with hedge funds
  8. SPSS Reports Record Revenues
  9. CRS on data mining and homeland securuty
  10. Report: Homeland security data mining generates concern
  11. Leading Danish Insurer Improves Claim Handling & Customer Service with SPSS Predictive Analytics
  12. Roche To Pilot Linguamatics For Molecular Genomics Research
  13. Advanced Data Mining International wins contract for homeland security research
  1. Schedule and Conference Highlights for Data Mining Conference, March 29-31, San Diego, CA
  2. What Went Wrong and Why: Lessons from AI Research and Applications, Mar 27-29
    European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2006), Apr 10-13
    FLAIRS 2006, May 11-13
  1. KDD-06, due Mar 3
    KDD-06 Panels, Workshops, Tutorial Proposals, due Mar 10
    Machine Learning for Computer Security, due Mar 15
    Information Visualization 2006, due Mar 21
    IEEE VAST 2006, due Mar 21 (abstracts)
    Conference on Email and Anti-Spam (CEAS), due Mar 23
    Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2006), due Apr 1
    Intelligent Information Access (IIIA-2006), due Apr 15
    Text-Based Information Retrieval (TIR-06) workshop, due Apr 15
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KDnuggets : News : 2006 : n04

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