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From: Andreas Hotho
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006
Subject: New publication and bookmark management system

We are announcing the new social publication and bookmark management and sharing system:


BibSonomy is a free system and can be used by everybody. It allows for managing your own bookmarks and publications, and - if wanted

  • sharing them with others. Every bookmark and publication is stored together with one or more tags, which are describing the content of the resource from the personal point of view. The system supports the posting of a bookmark or publication (via BibTeX snippet) at the push of a button in your web browser. A bulk upload of BibTeX files is also possible.
As BibSonomy is developed and maintained by the University of Kassel, we see it as a service for researchers from researchers (which share the same workday problems), and we hope that the research community will find the idea attractive and use the system. The development of the system is not finished yet and we see the current state as a starting point for further development. We appreciate any feedback and help and we are open for new ideas and suggestions which can be discussed at:


New developments and changes of the system will be posted at our blog:


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