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To Target or not to Target: Are Hispanic Teen Car Buyers a Worthwhile Segment?

Lausanne, Switzerland-February 28, 2006-For companies trying to increase sales by understanding who buys what, analysis of target markets and buying trends is a top priority. The North American automotive industry is no different as it seeks to understand an important and growing market segment: Hispanic youth.

In a study presented at the 2006 ESOMAR Automotive Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, Anderson Analytics looked at the following key targeting criteria: economic potential, identification of causal differences, and reachability, in order to determine whether or not this segment merits a unique marketing approach. Anderson's analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data made a strong case in support of targeting the Hispanic Youth Segment with a unique and differentiated marketing strategy.

The research showed that the Hispanic youth segment should be targeted based on all standard targeting criteria. The segment is economically attractive, growing faster than any other demographic group. It is very different in terms of psychological needs and attitudes related to cars. And, while Hispanic youth tend to be bilingual, and it is possible to reach the majority in mainstream English media, they are reachable in other ways, and clearly warrant a specific strategy.

For more information, please see www.andersonanalytics.com.

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