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KDnuggetsTM News 06:n11, Jun 13, 2006

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  1. Poll Results: Largest Database Data-Mined
  2. New Poll: How do you store data for data mining?
  3. Top items from KDnuggets News 06:n10, May 30
  4. Karl Rexer on the 2005-2006 KDnuggets Data Mining Tool polls
  5. 2006 Data Mining Innovation and Service Awards: Nominations due June 30
  1. BayesiaLab 4.1, the leading Bayesian Network software for Data Mining
  2. Visumap - visualization software for high dimensional data
  1. Free Webcasts: Jun 15 - Analytic Practice, Jun 20 - Big Data
  1. Redmond, WA, USA: Microsoft Digital Advertising Lab positions at Microsoft
  2. Redmond, WA, USA: (Relevance) Program Manager at Microsoft
  3. Novato, CA, USA: Data Mining Manager at Fireman's Fund
  4. Worldwide locations: Statistics / Data Mining Algorithm Developers at ThinkAnalytics
  5. Dallas, TX, USA: Analytic Consultant/Modeler at RMG Connect
  6. New York, NY, USA: Director of Analytics at RMG Connect
  1. Sankt Augustin, Germany: Postdoc Position in Text Mining and ML at Fraunhofer AIS
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow in Brain Tumor Analysis Project at U. of Alberta, Edmonton
  1. Predictive models for state agencies
  1. SIGEVO Newsletter: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation
  1. No excuse for CRM analytics excuses
  2. Data mining: The new weapon in the war on terrorism?
  3. New Database Fuels Type 1 Diabetes Discovery
  4. Merck Admits a Data Error on Vioxx
  5. What's next? Predictive analysis - from patient care to crime fighting
  6. EagleForce patents for Knowledge Discovery technology (called Black Dragon)
  7. Winners of Microsoft Research Grants on Innovation in Search Technology
  8. TDWI Announces 2006 Best Practices Awards Winners
  9. Biogen IDEC Extends License To Linguamatics For Text Search And Mining
  1. The Present and Future of Recommender Systems, Sep 12-13, 2006 - Bilbao, Spain
  2. ROC analysis in Machine Learning, ICML-06 workshop
  1. Mining and Learning with Graphs, due Jun 28
    ICDM'06 Workshop: Reliability in Knowledge Discovery (RIKD'06), due July 30
    ICDM'06 Workshop: Intelligent Web Interaction Workshop 2006, due July 30
    Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM06), due 7 August 2006
Artificial intelligence says Brazil will beat Italy for their sixth World Cup,


KDnuggets : News : 2006 : n11

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