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KDnuggetsTM News 06:n13, Jul 11, 2006

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  1. Poll Results: Top Industries for Data Mining Applications
  2. New Poll: Your Vacation
  3. Web Usage Mining Teaching Materials (Freely available)
  4. Nuggets from Data mining blogs
  5. Top items from KDnuggets News 06:n11, Jun 13
  1. Cambridge, MA and Irvine, CA: Scientist/Statistician positions at ChoiceStream
  2. Chesapeake, VA: Manager of Marketing Analysis and Segmentation at Cox
  3. New York, NY, USA: Chief Scientist, Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis at Maů Networks
  4. Rockville, MD: Specialist, KDD at NASD
  1. Post-doc positions in data mining/knowledge discovery at VCU
  2. PhD Scholarship in Data Mining, Macquarie U., Sydney, Australia
  3. Research Programmer - Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Project
  1. Farecast.com - the first and only airfare prediction site on the Web
  2. Book about Data Minig in E-learning
  3. Efficient Click Fraud Detection using Advanced Analytics
  4. Predicting NBA Draft Success and Failure thru Historical Trends
  5. Streams of Data Bring New Meaning to Real-Time Business Intelligence
  1. SAS Briefs: Deployed applications
  2. Microsoft Demographics Prediction Tool Interactive Review
  3. ESPN STAR Sports Deploys SPSS Software
  1. SAS' M2006 Data Mining Conference, Las Vegas, Oct 23-24 - Early Reg July 14
  1. ECML/PKDD workshop on Autonomic Computing, due Jul 17
    Data Mining and Wireless Sensor Networks (DM-WSN), due Jul 30
    International Conference of Information Technology and Management (ICITM2006), due Aug 15
    EGC 2007, due Sep 22
People at big companies donít realize the extent to which they live in an environment that is one large, ongoing test for the wrong qualities.

Paul Graham, from The Power of the Marginal

KDnuggets : News : 2006 : n13

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