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TEMIS launches Luxid®, its next generation Information Intelligence solution

Paris, France and Philadelphia PA, USA – September 28, 2006 – TEMIS, the leading provider of Text Analytics Solutions, today introduced Luxid®, its latest and innovative solution serving the Information Intelligence needs of business corporations.

Luxid® brings long-awaited answers to the challenge of information discovery and knowledge extraction from unstructured data. This break-through solution supports demanding activities such as Competitive Intelligence, Scientific Intelligence, Customer Sentiment Analysis, Reputation Management, and Publishing.

Built on top of a massively scalable architecture, Luxid® enables organizations to:

  • Accelerate discovery and fuel product innovation by providing domain knowledge and competitive insight through powerful analytics designed for R&D and Market Intelligence groups;
  • Increase product quality and profitability through early warning detection in warranty claims;
  • Enhance customer knowledge through sentiment analysis within customer-generated content;
  • Increase Intellectual Property asset protection with automated patent analysis and monitoring, and ease the evaluation of freedom-to-operate around promising technologies, compounds or molecules;
  • Produce smart content and support agile publishing through knowledge-centric metadata enrichment and content indexing
For more information, please visit www.temis.com.

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