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Miner3D provides visual data analytics in the health intelligence software Azyxxi

Miner3D provides technology for visual data analysis and visual data mining in the health intelligence software Azyxxi. The health care information system is a real-time environment for collecting, storing and retrieval of all kinds of patient information providing an instant access to relevant data to physicians.

Azyxxi unifies the information acquired from hundreds of sources and keeps it all easily accessible at the point of care. The datastore totals more than 30 terabytes, while the accuracy of the information and the immediacy of the access to it already saves lives and also hospital's resources.

Miner3D was integrated to Azyxxi to provide data visualizations and deliver visual data analyses to physicians upon request, which actually means just a couple of mouse clicks. It is also used as a biosurveillance tool and plays a central role in pattern recognitioning. Miner3D can also help to reveal and monitor unexpected threats like SARS outbreaks or Anthrax attacks.

Azyxxi has been developed by a team led by Dr. Craig Feied in collaboration with Medstar Health and Washington Hospital Center. Azyxxi has been recently acquired by Microsoft Corporation.

For more information about Miner3D please visit www.Miner3D.com

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