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From: Mark Hall
Date: 28 Sep 2006
Subject: Correction to Pentaho - Weka story in latest KDNuggets

I'd like to post a correction to the "Pentaho buys Weka project, hires 5 Weka developers" story in KDnuggets 06:n18.

Richard Daley from Pentaho was misquoted in an interview and it is NOT the case that Pentaho have hired five Weka developers. However, Weka team members will be assisting Pentaho with the integration of Weka into the Pentaho BI platform.

Basically Pentaho will continue to provide Weka and support it in the manner that we have over the years. The difference is that they have the resources to cope with the ever-increasing popularity of Weka in the community. Our resources are limited here at Waikato and the day-to-day support of the software takes a large chunk of our time. Essentially we will gain more time for ML research from this move. Weka will continue to be available under the GPL. The Waikato Weka team and Pentaho will continue the development of Weka; any contributions from the community will be screened for inclusion in the GPL'd version of Weka in much the same manner as they have been in the past.

Pentaho will offer commercial licenses of Weka for use in the Business Intelligence (BI) area. Commercial licenses for Weka for use in other application areas will continue to be available from WaikatoLink LTD (Waikato University's commercialization company).

Mark Hall
Senior Lecturer
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
New Zealand

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