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From: Mark F. Hornick
Date: 06 Oct 2006
Subject: Java Data Mining Expert Group Submits Public Review Draft of Version 2 (JSR-247)

The JSR-247 expert group, defining Java Data Mining (JDM) 2.0, submitted the Public Review Draft of the specification for public comment to the Java Community Process September 30, 2006. The public review phase of the Java Community Process gives the Java community and public an opportunity to provide the expert group feedback as they continue to refine the standard for the final release.

JDM 2.0 builds upon the JSR-73 specification released in August 2004 by addressing new mining functions for Time Series, Feature Extraction, multi-target models, and Anomaly Detection. It also expands support for efficient multi-record real-time scoring, introduces prediction for Association models, and provides a framework for defining transformations and statistics, among other enhancements.

Those interested in reviewing the specification can download it at


The review period began October 3, 2006 and extends through December 4, 2006.Comments on the specification can be submitted to

Java Data Mining provides a framework for performing data mining operations, while facilitating the introduction of new or non-standard mining algorithms. By separating algorithm details from function level specification, JDM strives to make data mining accessible to mining experts and novices, while allowing vendors to differentiate themselves on features, performance, and automation.

The Java Data Mining 1.1 final specification is available at http://www.jcp.org/jsr/detail/73.jsp.
Commercial implementations of the standard exist through Oracle (http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/bi/odm/index.html) and KXEN (http://www.kxen.com). The first book on JDM entitled Java Data Mining: Strategy, Standard, and Practice is due out in November 2006.

To facilitate public exchange of ideas on JDM, the project "datamining" has been created on java.net at https://datamining.dev.java.net/, providing a discussion forum, announcements, and document sharing among Java Data Mining users.

See http://www.jcp.org/introduction/overview/index.en.jsp for an introduction to the Java Community Process and becoming a member.

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