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Subject: Poll Results: Interest in the Netflix Prize

The previous KDnuggets Poll asked:

Your level of interest in the Netflix $1 million prize for improving accuracy of movie recommendations ?

The results did not show a strong interest:

  • 17% - Not interested
  • 31% - Interested, but don't plan to get the data
  • 36% - Got or will get the data, but don't plan a big effort
  • 14% - Plan a big effort on Netflix data and hope to win the prize
See KDnuggets Poll on Netflix Prize.

However, perhaps the interested parties were too busy to participate in the poll.

As of Oct 21, Netflix Prize had 13220 contestants on 10714 teams from 105 different countries, and received 515 valid submissions.

There were already 14 teams with results better than Netflix, with the best result being 4.67 percent better - almost half the way towards the 10% improvement Grand Prize goal.

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