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Managing knowledge for the new economy

IST Results, Oct 12, 2006.

Knowledge is power in the new economy, and two EU research projects are developing innovative approaches to managing this key resource. One hunts down and provides access to key business information; the other links skill-set management with business process optimisation.

Knowledge discovery and skill-set management are key functions in exploiting the knowledge resources that underpin the 21st century economy. Two EU projects are studying innovative responses to these different challenges: information discovery for knowledge workers and skill-set management for business.

The APOSDLE project (http://www.aposdle.tugraz.at/) aims to provide real-time, intuitive knowledge discovery by developing knowledge services which provide top-tier staff with the information, protocols and skills they need to learn, when they need to learn them. APOSDLE resources are typically the products and by-products of the organisation's everyday work, and are aimed at self-directed individuals who work well in an unstructured learning situation.

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