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ClearForest Modeler - Text Analytics for the Business User

Waltham, MA - October 18, 2006 ClearForest, a leading provider of text analytics solutions, today announced ClearForest Modeler, a tool that enables business users to create text extraction solutions customized for the needs of individual companies, specific industries, and real-world business problems. The new application models concepts quickly and easily without requiring technical skills or a linguistic background. The results are modules that are used to transform free form text into structured tables in a relational database or XML tags. The result new and powerful insights into hidden relationships, dramatically improved abilities to evaluate and react to events, and the discovery of unforeseen patterns to facilitate problem identification for rapid resolution.

The ClearForest Modeler solution makes the process of defining new concepts straightforward and efficient for non-technical users. The application is designed around an iterative paradigm, allowing for rapid and continuous improvements of results. ClearForest Modeler takes sample documents as input, processes them, and then generates a suggested list of relevant terms, statistically significant terms and term generalizations. The user provides feedback by excluding terms and assigning elements to user-defined entity types. ClearForest Modeler represents more than simple dictionary or thesaurus management, combining statistical techniques with sophisticated linguistics (e.g. the identification of parts-of-speech, stems, polarity, and word phrases).

For more information, please visit www.clearforest.com.

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