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From: Graham Williams
Date: 14 Oct 2006
Subject: Rattle: Open-source GUI for data mining using R

Rattle (the R Analytical Tool To Learn Easily) provides a simple and logical interface for data mining. It is a new data mining application based on the widley used, open source and free statistical language R using the Gnome graphical interface. The application runs under GNU/Linux, Macintosh OS/X, and MS/Windows. The aim is to provide an intuitive interface that readily takes you through the basic steps of data mining, as well as illustrating the R code that is used to achieve this. Whilst the graphical tool itself may be sufficient for all of a user's needs, it is also a stepping stone to more sophisticated processing and modelling in R, if so desired.

The latest version is available from


Features include

  • Open Source: Hosted by Google Code and distributed by CRAN.
  • Data: Import CSV; R Datasets; ODBC
  • Explore: Summary; Feature Correlations; Dendrogram Hierarchical Feature Clusters
  • Graphics: Box plots, Histograms, CFD, Benford's Law, Bar charts, Dot plots.
  • Cluster: KMeans; Hierarchical with Dendrogram and Seriation Plots
  • Modelling: Decision Tress (rpart); Generalised Linear Models; Boosting; Random Forests; Support Vector Machines
  • Evaluation: Confusion Matrix; Risk Chart; Lift Charts; ROC Curve and AUC; Precision; Sensitivity

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