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Subject: Gepsoft launches GeneXproTools 4.0

Gepsoft, creator of the innovative data mining software GeneXproTools, released a new version of its flagship product. The software and several video tutorials are available online at gepsoft.com

The application, described as "readily-usable and well-attuned to the stages of predictive modeling" by Steven Barrett, Principal Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline, is being used in many different industries as well as in universities and research centers all over the world. It extracts hidden patterns from experimental and production data and translates those patterns into mathematical models for complex problems such as DNA microarray analysis and computer chip design.

The application uses modern machine learning techniques that generate very accurate models with exceptional generalization power as noted by Professor John Barrett, Head of the Parasitology Group at the University of Wales, who states that, "The results using GeneXproTools are considerably better than those obtained using conventional statistics."

GeneXproTools greatest advantages over the traditional modeling tools and methods are ease of use and unbiased model creation. The workflow can be as simple as loading data, processing, and model evaluation. But GeneXproTools also assists the user in model refreshing and refinement, model evaluation against different testing sets and immediate scoring of large databases.

Gepsoft also markets GeneXproServer, a solution for unattended modeling either in desktops or server clusters. The application is a batch system that can be integrated with existing workflows and processes to model massive amounts of data in parallel.

GeneXproTools was first released in 2001, and is now in its fourth version.

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