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Subject: Build scorecards in 3 easy steps with iSmartScore

iSmartScore is the only fully web-based data mining solution for the real-time scoring of individual cases or batch scoring of entire data files. It is transparent, never out of date and fully customizable.

Scoring is very commonly done in a variety of industries. In the financial industry for example, a credit score is assigned by comparing the value of the credit related variables of an industry or an individual to a database. The score indicates the probability that the applicant will default on a loan. Traditionally such models are inflexible and take extensive time to develop, using data that may not be relevant to the location of the user.

With iSmartScore you can upload data, create a scorecard and evaluate it in a matter of minutes. It continuously learns as it is used, thus dynamically adapting to new situations. This unique on-line learning capability is superior to traditional data mining software where new training sessions are periodically necessary.

iSmartScore can be made available on desktops, Intranets, and the Internet.

Try the trial version today!

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