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From: Ingo Mierswa
Date: 04 Aug 2007
Subject: Free Data Mining Software: RapidMiner 4.0 (formerly YALE)

At the end of May, the free open-source data mining suite YALE was renamed into RapidMiner. Now, we would like to introduce the new major release RapidMiner 4.0. This release provides all the known functionality from YALE and adds a huge amount of new functions together with a completely revised user interface. We are hoping that these improvements from YALE to RapidMiner 4.0 make RapidMiner even more useful for your everyday analysis work than it was already the case for YALE.

RapidMiner and its plugins now provide more than 400 learning and preprocessing operators and countless combinations of them. Hence, RapidMiner is a complete knowledge discovery suite usable for all data mining tasks. Among the new features are workspaces for different projects and improved visualizations of performance criteria like averaged ROC curves or 3D plots of the confusion matrices. You can find a discussion of the new features at


You can download RapidMiner 4.0 at


More general information are available at


Ingo Mierswa

P.S.: We would also like to thank all users who voted for YALE / RapidMiner in the last KDnuggets poll on data mining tools.

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