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Subject: Tools for Discovering Patterns in Data, Sep 17-18, Charlottesville, VA

Tools for Discovering Patterns in Data: A Survey of Modern Data Mining Algorithms, Charlottesville, VA, September 17 and 18, 2007, presented by John Elder, Ph.D., of Elder Research, Inc.

This is a practical, experience-based, concepts course, known for demystifying data mining with clarity and humor. Learn to isolate the essential aspects of a problem and select and combine appropriate software tools to find useful patterns in noisy, incomplete data. Practical examples and useful techniques are drawn from successful consulting engagements in a wide range of fields -- including investment modeling, fraud detection, biometrics, credit scoring, customer relationship management, drug efficacy estimation, process optimization, and image recognition.

The course contains the popular segment, Top 10 Data Mining Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them, as well as vendor-neutral discussions of the strengths of leading software tools, and clear explanations of the essential technologies of resampling statistics, ensembles of models, and scientific visualization.

The cost is $1,195. 2nd+ person from same organization: $950.

For more details, including the course outline, intended audience, instructor experience, comments from previous attendees, and a registration form, please go to:


or call 434-973-7673.

Charlottesville, Virginia, 110 miles south of Washington DC and 70 miles west of Richmond, is a beautiful place to visit in the Fall! It's the home of Monticello and the University of Virginia, and a recent book scored it the "Best place to live in America". Its Airport code is CHO. See http://www.charlottesvilletourism.org/

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