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Academic/Research Positions

From: Aalst, W.M.P. van der
Date: 24 Oct 2007
Subject: PhD/Postdoc Position on Process Mining at TU/e, Netherlands

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is looking for PhD/Postdoc candidates for a project with Philips Medical Systems in the area of process mining. Philips Medical Systems (e.g. Cardio/Vascular X-Ray machines) is recording very detailed information of the actual use of their equipment. This information is sent by machines located in hospitals all over the world to Philips and is used for remote servicing, diagnosis, user profiling, etc. Using the process mining tool ProM developed at TU/e this information can be used to automatically extract process models (e.g., Petri nets, EPCs, YAWL, BPEL, etc.), social networks, performance profiles, interaction patterns, etc. ProM can also be used to measure conformance, e.g., are the machines operating/used as planned? Although ProM is able to provide spectacular results using the logs of Cardio/Vascular X-Ray machines, the challenge is to be able to deal with larger data sets, develop new types of analysis, and use domain knowledge to enhance the process mining results. Clearly, Philips is highly innovative in this area and it is expected that in the future many organizations will use process mining in a similar fashion.

The selected candidate will be employed by the TU/e but will work both within Philips Medical Systems and the TU/e. Both locations are close to one another, so this is a great opportunity to combine science with real-life applications. TU/e is internationally renowned for its research in the areas of process mining, workflow management, process modeling and Petri nets. At TU/e the work will be conducted in the Architecture of Information Systems (AIS) group. Members of this group come from all over the world and work together in an open-minded and constructive atmosphere.


For these positions we are interested in candidates with on the one hand a solid background in computer science (demonstrated by a relevant MSc and/or PhD) and on the other hand an interest in information systems. Candidates having a background in process modeling (e.g., Petri nets) and/or data/process mining are welcomed.

For more information:

  • process mining: http://www.processmining.org
  • ProM: http://prom.sourceforge.net
  • Working at TU/e: http://w3.tue.nl/en/services/dpo/
  • AIS group: http://w3.win.tue.nl/nl/onderzoek/onderzoek_informatica/ais/

Candidates are requested to send a brief e-mail to Prof.dr.ir. Wil van der Aalst ([email protected]) indicating:

  • Their interest in the topic of process mining.
  • A clear motivation.
  • A brief summary of their background focusing on their experience in process modeling (e.g., Petri nets) and/or data mining.
Please use the subject [PhD/Postdoc position on Process Mining at TU/e] and do NOT include any attachments!! Selected candidates will be invited to submit a formal application and then given the opportunity to include more detailed information.

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