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Real-Time Analytics: The Importance of Strategic Alignment and Ease of Use

Richard Batty, DM Review Special Report, October 2007

Real-Time Analytics - Key to Maximizing Profitability

Being able to analyze organizational data is essential in order to make changes which will improve corporate performance. The emergence of computerized systems over the years has allowed companies to take the guesswork out of decision-making. Collecting key data and having the ability to slice and dice it provides feedback for decisions regarding product and customer strategies, manufacturing facility improvements and investments, pricing and a host of other areas. All of these analytic efforts and the decisions made based on them are targeted at one major goal - improved profitability.

However, the ability to amass data and analyze it does not in itself guarantee dramatically improved profits and ROI. While data collection and analytic capability are fundamental components to effective enterprise operation, they are only the first steps in a journey toward achieving the best financial performance possible.

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