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Subject: Kohavi on Stanford period

GPS, Q2: You were at Stanford during the beginning of the internet boom, where you developed MLC++. What are your interesting memories from that period?

Kohavi: The Office of Naval Research (ONR) partially funded MLC++. One of the conditions they put forward for funding it is that we encourage sharing of the source code through ftp, the hot enabler at the time, so the source code was made available publicly, without restrictions. That small clause later on allowed me to take MLC++ to SGI and build a product on top of it.

I distinctly remember the feeling of "wow, this is amazing," the first time I used the Mozilla browser.

GPS, Q3: What things you enjoy doing outside of work?

Kohavi: I like hiking and visiting new places. I try to visit a significantly new place (e.g,. new country) every couple of years. Next month, my family and I will visit New Zealand for several weeks.

to be continued in the next KDnuggets News issue.

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